In Plain Site

This is the first post in a study of playing cards and there way of showing hidden truths in plain site A lot has has been written on the subject but for me the truth is in daily practise such as a 3 card what sort of day I may have, using this way you can become more attuned to the way the cards speak to you for me I take each card as an energy that may or may not play an important part in my dealings with people and events. Use the trump method to now which is the most important card from the spread.  If say you pick 3D QC 3H the 3D is for me a little extra money QC is my wife (in a good mood) and 3H shows she may be thinking of buying some things for the house or maybe redecorating a room. also as she is the queen of clubs in this spread so I know she will be thinking in a practical way on how to approach me in helping gain my help. we have RBR meaning good start for the day a problem overcome and things working out ok looking a little deeper the QC the problem can be looked at as her thinking of the best way to approach the matter and  how I should respond. So as you can se this simple way can help you on many levels.

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