method and means

This a rolling page as the heading says, methods and means. So today I would like to share yesterdays 3 card daily, and my method of reading. The cards were 10 of diamonds,9 of hearts, and5 of hearts. The ten of diamonds is the big money card so one way to read this is maybe a sum of money coming to me today ? followed by nine of hearts that says my wish will come true, or I will receive  a large some of money, or maybe do some thing I would like to do, third card five of diamonds money  to spend on myself. So how did the day go ! I decided to go down to our local flea market with my daughter, She asked when there to pop into the local jewellery shop to pick up a ring she had, some repairs done , its an old fashioned place (that I like) we then went to the market were I spent some money on a crystal globe, not very expensive. That then was  the main part of my day. So again reading the cards went, jewellers  lots of money there, its a shop I like and then to the market and brought something for myself. Can you se the pattern, more next time.


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